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Underfloor Heating

Heating your house from underneath the floor means you can enjoy constant warmth in your rooms without having to unduly raise the air temperature. Feet naturally act as our bodies own ‘thermostat’, having warm feet will generally mean we feel more comfortable. Underfloor heating heats the whole floor area which generates the opposite heat cycle to that of conventional heat sources, and results in warm feet and even room temperatures.

Electric and Water underfloor heating systems achieve a greater feeling of warmth at a lower air temperature as they typically only need to heat the floor to between 22 & 26°C, gently warming the whole floor and the room occupants from the ground up.

Those who suffer from allergies also benefit from using our underfloor heating systems; because it does not affect the air quality and it will not circulate foreign air particles (dust) around the room. Furthermore, as you are running your underfloor heater at a lower temperature your heating bills will be cut down by up to 20%, giving you peace at mind on your finances and enabling you to run a more energy efficient heating system.

Normally when using radiators, the wall where they are located should be left clear to allow the heat to circulate. With underfloor heating you can place your furniture where you want without worrying about blocking heat circulation.

Each of our underfloor heating projects will be attended by professional and qualified staff members, from the heat loss calculation through the pipe layouts to the manuals and wirings.